Mission / Message

The declaration we have adopted as a community seems simple. To people who have already done their own investigations and accepted that God is the Creator of the universe or to people who have accepted it based on their traditions or faith, the declaration may SEEM unnecessary. However, we believe it is CRITICAL.

The vast majority of people over the millennia accepted the existence of God as a given. Whether they believed in one God, multiple gods and how they served God, was sadly always a point of serious conflict. However, the acceptance of a higher power was almost universal. However, over the past century, Western society in particular, has seen a great decline in those who profess any belief in God. There are many contributing factors. However, it is having an enormous impact on our social fabric.

Amazingly, in the recent past, many States in the US, for example, have actually adapted educational laws that severely limit even teaching that there is a God in school. They’ve given people who believe in God a name – Creationists – and for the most part they MOCK this belief and portray it as “unsophisticated”, “ignorant” or simply “old-fashioned”. It has gotten to the point that many believers in God are embarrassed to admit those beliefs, for fear of being ridiculed!

That’s where the IAWG initiative comes in. The goals of our registry/website are:

1. You should be PROUD that you know that God exists. You’re not a creationist. You’re not a “believer”. You’re a logical and intelligent person. You’re a realist! The people who attempt to deceive everyone in believing that there are scientific explanations OTHER than God are actually suffering from delusions – they are Delusionists! By joining and growing our online community you’ll get the comfort in seeing how many BILLIONS of people accept the obvious truth of a Creator!

2. By forming a community, we can accomplish greater things. There is strength in numbers. If we are representing BILLIONS of people and can communicate with them, we can demand protection from harassment and force industry to choose who they want to market to. It’s time for us billions of Realists to effectively unite and halt the tide of Delusionists.

3. God is the Creator of this universe. The universe is a technological wonder. The combined intelligence of millions of scientists, engineers and inventors over hundreds of years hasn’t produced anything new at all. At most, mankind has become remarkably good at harnessing the power of the natural world. Yet, we fittingly recognize and award the great achievements of brilliant human individuals who have contributed to the progress of our lives. Why should God be any different? The Creator is a being of infinite intelligence and power. The world he created is, literally, magic! It is therefore more than appropriate that we, at a minimum, unequivocally acknowledge His handiwork and honor His